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coral craze

It usually happens around February time. I get sick of winter.

I’m officially fed up of the short dark days and the dreary skies. I guess it has something to do with having the beach on your doorstep,  just longing for days warm enough to stroll bare foot in the warm sand.

Must. stop. thinking. about. it.

Anyway, I headed into Boots on Saturday to buy the much raved about Maybelline Falsies mascara (which, for the record, I’m kind of loving). They had an offer of buy one get one half price on all Maybelline products and as I’m not one to be tempted into buying anything more than I came in for (cough. cough) I found this gorgeous coral-ly colour called Coral Craze for £2.09. Genius.

It’s my little summer dream, in a little glass pot.



the shopping list

Its that time of year where we have to sucker up and just accept that the weather is changing. Typical British weather however means we’re having better weather now that we have had for 4 months…although we’re not stupid. Rain is always around the corner.

As we hold onto the sun while we can, I’ve been Polyvore‘ing some items I’ve been coveting for my August/September shopping list.

1. Fedora’s are great for covering up bad beach hair. If you’re like me and struggle to keep your locks tame at the beach, a hat is a great accessory. I like this one too.

2. The Straw Bag. I have to take everything down to the beach with me – iPad, magazines, towel(s!), makeup…and the list goes on. A Straw bag holds everything.

3. Denim. For those nippy evening BBQ’s after a long day of sunbathing, a cosy denim jacket is small enough to stuff in your beach bag in the day and by night, light enough to not make you feel like you’re still in the sun.

4. Sandals. “Fit like a glove” leather sandals. Wear with anything – my favourite kind of shoe!

5. Print shorts. I could talk forever about print shorts. More here, here, here. Or my favourite Zara shorts here.

I’m also keeping autumn fashion on my radar as the summer sales end, and the shops fill their windows with thick jumpers and winter boots. Having just booked a trip to Venice in October, I’ll be looking out for all of the above too…!

Can you tell I love making collages?! Make sure you follow me on Polyvore HERE!

18 Again

My baby brother turned 18 on Saturday and in celebration we took him out for some afternoon drinks in the Bournemouth sunshine (pardon the crude t-shirt!).

We decided on a pub crawl from Boscombe to Bournemouth as the British weather was finally beginning to break. Starting at the Boscombe pier we sat and drank cider’s with the wonderful backdrop of the sea, pier and hunky surfers.

Trying to get a table on a sunny day is more of a mission that we had bargained for. We found ourselves stalking people with half empty drinks, peir-pressuring them to drink faster so we could take their seats.  After a tipple or two, we set off on our stroll along the busy beach.

At the end of our walk we went to one of my favourite beach bars, Aruba. Set over the entrance of Bournemouth pier itself, the views are spectacular and a great place to catch the sun set. With a Californian feel, great cocktails and wooden seat swings you’d be mistaken to think you’re in paradise.

A long session of afternoon drinking left us hungry for a feast so we staggered over to the new and eagerly anticipated buffet restaurant, Days.

A huge buffet of Thai, Indian and Chinese food (and everything in-between) left us huddled up on the sofa, food coma’d.

Day 2 was the Family BBQ. Our local butchers prepared a fantastic Summer BBQ pack which made for a great hang-over feast.

It’s great catching up with cousins, aunties and uncles you only really see at these occasions. We drank Pimms, Corona’s and lime, and drank the afternoon away.

Then a spot of Pavlova.

And White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake.

Another “food coma” lingering, we headed to Hamworthy beach to play with the puppy. How cute is my cousin and her boyfriend Patryk?

Back at the party, shots of Midori were been downed from champagne flutes along with competitions of larger-than-life Connect 4. Who said turning 18 meant growing up?

As the evening sun dawned, we lit the candles, sang Happy Birthday at the top of our lungs and gorged on chocolate cake. Even Bella seemed content on having cuddles with mummy!

We all tried to be 18 again. Unfortunately, this just turns into a huge hangover (on a Monday).