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Rhumbar Bournemouth

I’m a huge meat eater. I admit it, I don’t eat a lot of vegetables due to Scott and his vege-phobia, but I’m a great believer that you can still make meat healthy without a sea of green on your plate. Ok, this post is not a healthy one, but it sure is a gooden!

Rhumbar is a Caribbean inspired restaurant in the heart of Bournemouth’s town centre. Relaxed and oh so Caribbean-esque, friendly staff show you to your table and allow you time to peruse the menu. You’ll find the typical “island favourites” such as Curry Goat and Jerk Ribs but they offer the best meaty combos that if you’re strong enough to resist,  you’re crazy!

Our pick was the Rib Combo. Plates after plates of spicy and BBQ chicken wings were bought out…

…along with rice and peas. The ribs were gone within seconds. Fall off the bone meat, cooked in a spicy and delicious sauce, gone before I could click the camera.

Some wings were sticky and oozing with BBQ flavour…

Others nice and spicy!

We ordered an impressive two rounds and demolished the whole lot.

If you dare, add some hot pepper sauce.

Oh and an ice cold beer.

And sit back and enjoy. Rhum Bar is a great all-rounder. It’s got that family vibe, a little bit of reggae reggae playing in the background, and some of the best juicy chicken and sticky ribs in town.

You’ll find Rhum Bar on Firvale Road behind the high street. Check out their website and menu here. It would make the ideal location for dinner before a night out on the town. So a good excuse to pull out the dancing shoes if you ask me!


Bull and Boat, Swanage

Something major happened on the shores of Dorset this week. It doesn’t happen very often, but boy when it does everyone should know about it.

We have a hot new hangout in town and it’s something that has been missing from our sandy promenades for too long. Ocean Bay set sail upon the English channel and we welcomed a new beach bar and bistro, the Bull & Boat, to Swanage. Huge news, I know.

On Thursday night, we bundled into a taxi and headed across the harbour to quiet little Swanage. After my sneak peak of the new design last Sunday on my final visit to Ocean Bay, it was a lovely surprise to see that what I’d seen was not all they had in store for us.

Jolly sailors and rowdy smugglers ventured from all over town to join in on the fun. At the entrance we were greeted with glasses of bubbling prosseco and tasters from the new menu “tapas” were bought hastily to the tables.

Ocean Bay was, and will always be known for its fabulous locally sourced and sustainable food, so the chefs have tough expectations to live up to for the hungry southerners that park up their surf boards and bundle inside for some beach side grub. The tapas certainly lived up to Ocean Bay’s consistently high standard and was delicious, fresh and fishy. The perfect cabana combination.

King prawns on a bed of spanish style rice, muscles and anti-patsi were just some of the tapas I managed to get my mitts on.

Then I found the cake.

The bistro is decked out in rustic beach themed decor. Like you’d imagine for a beachside bar, there’s lots of the wood, the colours are soft and everything is comfy. In fact I wish I’d worn my flip-flops and a bikini.

Thankfully I bought Rachel along to stop me diving in the sea after a few glasses.

It was quite tempting after all of the above had been consumed.

But I resisted. As a compromise, we kicked off the heels instead of the dress and had a boogie.

Have you spotted the Bull yet? Well if that’s not a reason for visiting, I don’t know what is!

Isn’t that right Rach?

Fresh air and dazed eyes are always a sign a good night, and we were tucked into bed before we knew it.

One fine anonymous internet man once said “Ends are not bad things, they just mean that something else is about to begin. And there are many things that don’t really end, anyway, they just begin again in a new way. Ends are not bad and many ends aren’t really an ending; some things are never-ending”. The Bull and Boat, Swanage is open daily for lunch and dinner. You can visit their website here or call 01929 422222 to make a booking.


autumn beauty

It’s at this time of year when my summer tan is fading and skin becomes dry and itchy that I decide to have an overhaul of my beauty products. Gone are the after-sun lotions and summery scents of summer, in with the winter-berry ultra-moiturising lotions of winter!

My routine is very un-routinley. I do not use face cream every day, but there are some times when I use it religiously. I don’t swear by any treatments, but I do love a good facial. I’m also not lost without my beauty bag, just a Johnsons face wipe will do.

So yesterday as I was picking up lunch in Boots (side note, have you tried their pastas – deeelishhh!), I passed the never-ending, you’ll-need-a-map-to-find-anything hair styling isle. I noticed that Treseme have a new Keratine range which was on offer for £2 per bottle. In need of a new shampoo and conditioner, I grabbed it without a second thought.

This stuff is seriously good. Your hair smells good enough to eat and it feels like h e a v e n. It is by far the best shampoo and conditioner I have used to date. It is incredibly weightless, making you want to swish “because I’m worth it” style.

So, as I’m not really one for beauty reviews, I thought I’d share some other products I’m gushing about for Autumn starting with the ever-faithful Body Shop Vitamin E Moisturiser.

I’m not sure if you can have too much Vitamin E, but I must come close to it! I have been using this for cream for years and years, since I was a teenager with horrible pimply skin. So to my delight, as I ran out, GlossyBox came to the rescue with a nice little sample size in the September box. Perfect for my trip to Venice when I’ll only be taking hand luggage *sigh.

Now, I’m not really sure if words themselves can describe my love for Batiste Dry Shampoo. *cue the violinist* There simply are no words.

Next up is L’Oreal’s Go Create Sculpting Spritz. I stumbled across this little beauty by chance, needing a last minute hairspray from a pricy chemist. It works wonders on curls and it’s not gloopy and sticky as you’d expect from a Sculpting Spritz. Come rain, wind or fast rides on Borris, it keeps my hair exactly the way I want it…voila!

Now my all time favourite beauty product, Johnsons Daily Essential Cleansing Wipes. Hmmmmm, there is nothing better after a long day wearing heavy war-paint than smoothing one of these over your face. They tingle as you remove your makeup, almost like your face screaming “I can breathe”! I usually stock up when there’s an offer going with all their delicious flavours. The perfect end to a hard days work. With fans like Victoria Beckham too, maybe there’s still a chance we’ll look as perfect!

I’m still in shock that Autumn is here. It feels as though summer has only just arrived, yet the air is crisp and I’ve been living in my biker jacket for days now. I think this calls for only one thing, a huge mug of hot chocolate…