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pizza monday’s

Mondays are horrible. I’m not a morning person at the best of times, but after having two consecutive lie-in’s, then having to get up at 7am, no. thank. you. My mood could not be any worse on a Monday morning. It’s like waking a monster. Really it’s that bad. We decided to come up with ideas for a feel good evening especially for Mondays, almost as a reward for getting through the day or “making it” as we like to say.

Homemade pizza’s really seemed the only option. Fun and easy to make, naughty and relatively healthy all at the same time. Breaking the rules sometimes is bad ass.

Warning, pizza heavy post. I know you won’t be able to resist…

Before any pizza making can take place, you need to give each other authentic Italian pizza-maker names. We kept ours original, Scott was Mario and I was Luigi (sound effects included).

We made the dough, tomato sauce and pesto from scratch. Do it. It’s worth it, a million times over. For the dough, I halved Jamie’s recipe to make 4 medium sized pizza bases. The tomato sauce is easy peasy. Take the tomatoes out of a tin of plum tomatoes (bin the juices) and blend in a mini processor with some garlic, mixed herbs, salt and if you like it spicy, some chilli sauce.

The pesto is the best pesto you’ll ever taste (apart from maybe the real authentic stuff you’ll be dipping your mozzarella into sailing along the Tuscan coast). Take a large bunch of Basil, a handful of pine nuts, more garlic, a large sludge of olive oil and a rather large handful of grated Parmesan and whiz it up in a processor. Perfecto.

I would say it started off well, but I’d be lying. We couldn’t resist piling on the toppings (especially the cheese).

Did I mention you need to do this in your pyjamas? Yeah, it’s way more fun that way.

We made 4 pizzas with various delicious toppings. In fact, we made 2 pizza’s each and had our own pizza off. I won. Hands down.

Pizza 1 kept it pretty tame. Just a few tablespoons of pesto, tomato sauce, mozzarella and parma ham.

Pizza 2 is when the competition really heated up. Pepperoni, chorizo, sundried tomatoes, mozzorella, parmesan and red onion. We both agreed this was the winning pizza. It was rather a masterpiece, but that didn’t stop us from devouring the whole lot!

Monday’s just got a whole lot better. Especially when it coincides with the release of Skyfall (which we still hadn’t gotten around to seeing!). We grabbed a blanket, and snuggled up eating pizza watching Bond doing his thang’. I may just be looking forward to next Monday already…


venice, part 2

After an evening of eating too much Pizza and drinking too many Spritz, we were feeling surprising refreshed on our first bus boat over to Venice. The excitement all got a bit too much and emotions were running high as the boat pulled up to San Marco. Venice is truly memorising.

We headed straight for the nearest coffee shop and sat planning out our day. The coffee is delicious in Italy so a quick stop for coffee usually resulted in a tipple or two… or three.

Every twist and turn of the streets reveal different shaped canals and wonderfully decorated Gondolas.

Gorgeous Italian men zoom past in private water taxis.

St Marks Square is exuberant and elaborate in every single way. From the intricate detailing of the Basilica, to the loud chimes from the Bell Tower, every tourist is in awe of Venice’s beauty.

Venice’s hidden gems are found in the side passages, where locals moor their boats and Gondolas are left on display in all of their glory. It is in these streets when Venice takes hold.

As you wonder through the different districts, Venice reveals something new. Different bridges, different coloured boats, different churches and museums, and more beauty.

Being the most photogenic place I had ever visited, I put my camera to test with different coloured shots and settings.

But nothing, no nothing, can touch on how immaculate and gorgeous the local Venetians are. Their chic, they all have little gorgeously groomed dogs, going by their day to day lives in the mystical land that is Venice.

From the Basilica, St Marks Square is even more captivating. There is no greater space in Venice than this.

My trusty Lonely Planet guide was fantastic. I couldn’t imagine travelling without one.

After weaving our way through the nooks and crannies, the vast Grande Canal reveals working Venice in all its glory. Fish and fruit markets line one side of the Rialto Bridge, and well as locals luring you onto their boats and Gondolas.

As our first day exploring Venice came to an end, we found a small Italian cafe for some anti-pasti and Spritz.

The lasagne was mean. I mean seriously mean.

Getting onto our boat bus back to Venice watching the sunset over St Marks Square will be a moment I will never forget.