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these boots are made for walking

Between Christmas and New Year, we dragged our large full Christmas bellies down to Branscombe to spend time with our best friends.

The weather wasn’t going to give in. The south west has been lashed with the winter weather over the last few weeks resulting in sodden grounds and almost weekly floods. We set off down to the beach armed with an umbrella and good ol’welly boots.

After wading through the flood waters down the rough track to the beach, we reached the storm swept shores to witness the waves at great strength. I haven’t seen the sea so ferocious in all my life.

The great opportunity for a game? Oh yes. We spent almost an hour chasing the waves with Trigger and Dave (the dogs), until one of us became the unlucky sucker that got drenched. Not me, obviously!

Richard was seen flashing his naughty I LOVE BEIJING t-shirt, supposedly, until we realised it was definitely time for a beer and headed back to the house.

After another roast dinner and a few beers, I snuggled up on the sofa with my favourite pooch, Trigger. He is completely deaf and blind in almost both eyes. He’s the 3 year old son of Dave (female Dave, don’t ask) from her first litter. He was born with the recessive gene which means he is pretty much an albino dog with white fur and red eyes. They are the beautiful and intelligent Blue Merle Border Collies and I have hours of fun practising his ever growing understanding of dog sign language!


jubilee in instagram

1. Bringing back naughty 16 year old memories. As I discovered, drinking Lambrini through a straw still leaves you in the same state.

2. Jubilee Tray Bake – before it was killed by death by dangerous driving.

3. The most fun I’ve had in a long time, acting like a monkey in the trees at Holden Forest’s Go Ape.

4. Branscombe Buttercups

5. £1.50 Primark jubilee glitter tattoos. The best buy of the whole weekend, especially for the boys!

6. Jubilee Vanilla Royal Cupcakes

7. My Queen’s Attire. Covered head to toe in union jack glory.

8. Branscombe – my second home and my true love.

9. Brascombe’s church, in all it’s historic glory.

There was something so idyllic about being in Branscombe for the Queen’s Jubilee. The Saxon village seemed to come alive with monarchy spirit. Street parties and bunting weaved their way though the village, and it couldn’t have been more perfect. Sunday morning was my favourite, we decided to take a walk into the valley with the dogs. The sun was shining through the trees as we trekked up the mudded paths to the top of the hill. The views are magnificent when you finally reach the top, gasping for breathe! The paths back down into the valley were lined with Buttercups and you could hear the bugs playing in the undergrowth. It was one of the nicest walks I had done is a long long time.

Long live the Queen.