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Instagram Catch Up

Instagram is one of those app’s I have on constant rotation on my iPhone. I check in when I wake up, on my lunch break and in the evening to catch up on beautiful posts by some of my favourites (garypeppergirl is the instagram bomb). So it’s fair to say I’m still pretty obsessed. It’s been some time since my last Instagram post so we’ve got a bit of catching up to do. Welcome to life according to my iPhone…

Lunching at Bournemouth’s brand spanking new Revolution bar. 50% off mondays just keep me coming back!

Scott got his chef hat on and made some man burgers for dinner. I made the balsamic salad and griddled tomatoes.

Celebrating the sunshine on the beach with these very cute champagne flutes.

There’s a common theme when the sun comes out.

When in doubt, eat ice-cream. My favourite place to pick up handmade gelato in Bournemouth is Zizzi’s and I always have caramel and coffee, such a combo.

Waking up in Scotland.

Dusting off the kayak for an afternoon of Snopp Doggy Dogg and some cruising along the Dorset coast.

Pimms and picnics on the beach.

Vineyards in Florence.

Big smiles on top of the Duamo in Florence.

Loving the prints of these super skinny gap jeans which I picked up in the sale (still available online here). Paired them with my pointy nude flats from Topshop (no longer online).

Another work day outfit, this time keeping it colourful. Last season Zara shorts (picked up in Greece), Topshop nude flats, cream jacket (black here) and lime vest from H&M.

Discovering Bourjois 1 Seconde Nail Polish in Bleu Water. Does what it says on the pot and gives an incredible finish. I’ve just added Rose Cupcake to my collection.

Making it my aim to look at this photo every day.

Memories of Thailand bought to our dining table by Scott and his new favourite hangout, the Asian store.

Happy Campers in Corfe.

After 15 hour days and a diet of coffee, we finally finished my little project.

Afternoon naps in the tent.


Enjoying the view from the hot tub at Bournemouth Sevens Festival. I realised I never got around to posting about Bournemouth Sevens so look out for it this week!

You can find me on instagram here on search beccathesoutherner! Happy snapping!

Beach BBQ Menu

With this glorious heatwave we’re currently experiencing (ok, maybe I’ve spoken too soon), we’ve been BBQ’ing on the beach every evening we can. I got a little patriotic after Murray’s Wimbledon win and bought this red, white and blue picnic rug so have been using it at every BBQ’ing opportunity!

Most people’s reaction when I tell them I practically live on the beach is “WOW you’re so lucky”. I get it, its awesome, but some days when you’ve been sat in a sticky office and not able to even get out in the sun at all during the day, I can tell you it sucks being so close to the seaside.

So in the evenings we dash to the beach, armed with our BBQ, chasing the last few rays.

If we’re lucky, I even get a glimpse of the lifeguards packing up.

After three continuous days of chicken, steak and burgers on the BBQ, I fancied a bit of a change to our usual speedy routine of grabbing food out of the packet and cooking it. The food prep time is limited to around 5 minutes, so thought I’d share with you what I’ve come up with!

Sizzling Prawn Skewers

Marinate enough prawns for your picnickers (I normally allow 6 big ones for each skewer) with some Sweet Chilli Sauce. Add a sprinkle of chilli powder, a little squidge of honey and some chilli flakes. Pop them in the fridge while you’re at work. Chop up some red onion and pointed sweet peppers and thread with the prawns onto the skewers. Cook on the BBQ until crisp.

Naughty Mushrooms

Pick up a pack of large mushrooms, like Portobello and snip off the stem. In a bowl combine finely chopped sweet pepper (about half a pepper), 3-4 finely chopped spring onions, 1 or 2 teaspoons of pesto depending on tastes (homemade if you have time), and half a roll of chopped goats cheese. Divide the mixture on top of each mushroom. Place directly on the grill and leave to cook for 20 minutes.

These are one of my finest inventions. I adapted the mixture from my Stuffed Potato recipe and now I don’t know which one’s better!

Simple Salmon

I love salmon and usually spice it up with lots of chilli, honey and soy Asian flavours. Sometimes I like taking it back to basics. Make a little tin bed for the salmon and squeeze half a lemon into each. Add a finely chopped garlic clove and some mixed herbs. Wrap in the foil and cook in their beds for around 10-15 minutes.

Three simple recipes, and a different and flavoursome BBQ.

After devouring our food we had a little visitor on the beach in the doggy form of our friends new puppy Macey.

She’s trained well and even arrived with some chocolate dipped strawberries.

We sat and watched the sun set while Macey licked away at our plates.

Some great beach side food and a very beautiful evening.