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birthday round one

It should be a law to not work on your birthday. Of all celebrations, surely this one is worthy of a day away from an ever growing inbox and a constantly ringing phone? Apparently not.

After a rather stressful day in the office, I was more than ready for a feast of good old British pub food and a large glass, ok bottle, of wine. I decided the perfect location for wine and great food is Ye Olde George, my favourite pub in Christchurch. The idea of a pub dinner with great atmosphere, family, (well almost, Andy is technically my Welsh brother from another mother) was just the perfect idea for a lovely relaxing evening and just what the Birthday doctor ordered.

We booked a table nestled in the corner of the pub and I got to work on my presents. Out popped one Nigella…

And then another.

I’ve been reading a lot of Nigella Lawson recipes online recently which always sound so delicious, so decided to ask for two of her books for my birthday, Nigella Express and Kitchen.

I got a little distracted by the thought of food while waiting for my actual food to arrive. Reading cookbooks when hungry is a serious no no. Lesson learned.

But it’s always worth the wait in this place. Mum went for the Sea Bream from the specials menu, which by the way is changed almost daily depending on the local fisherman’s catch. Mum even commented that it tasted “like the sea”. Well if that’s not fresh, I don’t know what is!

Ollie went for the Old George Burger which was towered high, oozing with cheese and smelt seriously divine. The star of the show however was all mine…

Which is technically not true, me and Scott ordered it to share (still my biggest regret of the evening), The Meat Platter. Lamb cutlets, a pinwheel local sausage, juicy and spicy chicken wings and a huge portion of smoked chicken. Oh, and a basket of homemade cheesy chips.

And a stack of onion rings.

By the time we’d finished our meals, the pub was in full friday night swing. It felt cosy and intimate without feeling the need to break away for air. There is a sort of character in small, old pubs like these. Something I can never put my finger on, but I like it.

Mum had bought a delicious chocolate cake, so of course we did the “formal” lighting of the candles and singing me a Happy Birthday. The whole pub joined in and applauded as I blew out the candles.

Really, I was just way too eager to get tucked in. Anyway, there is always room for cake!

We spent the evening chatting away while devouring more and more of the cake, almost to the point where we’d have probably accepted blankets and a little snooze before leaving for the night.

I, however, had other ideas in mind.

So we headed home for the night and I tucked into this huge tub of sweets that Andy kindly gave me.

I’m sure this is what dentists nightmares are made of. But they are just too good, and it is my Birthday!


birthday boy

My best friends eldest little monster turned 8 on Friday. What better way to celebrate than a good ol’ kids party. I never knew Angry Birds was such a cartoon icon to the kids of today, turns out they love it so the house was decorated with Angry Birds balloons, party plates and even kids wearing their selection of Angry Birds t-shirts.

The birthday boy didn’t know we’d be hiding in the lounge when he came home so after his surprise he cracked right on with opening his presents. The most grateful like boy ever, he thanked every single gift giver with a big kiss and cuddle.

He was over the moon!

Phoebe had her face painted and looked like a little princess (well thats what she was telling all the boys at the party!)

The cake could have fed the 5000.

And there were donuts for everyone.

I snuggled up with my bestie as the evening drew to an end and the kids were tiring.

The adults had strategically stood right next to the food table, so I snacked on a large bowl of pick-a-mix all evening. Taking my sugar rush with me, we headed home for some wine and movies. Happy Birthday Lewis.

happy birthday to me

So today I’m another year older. Its funny how people used to tell me “just wait until you’re not excited about your birthday any more”. I never used to believe them, of course not. How could you not be excited about all the cake and presents that come with your special day? Well, I rest my case. I’m still as excited.

I can’t believe its a year ago since I celebrated the big 2-1 in Las Vegas. The past year has bought so many changes to my life, but each of them I have embraced. I’ll be celebrating all weekend, starting with a trip to my favourite little pub in Christchurch. Here’s to being another year older!