the islands

The idea of jumping on a speedboat and island hopping in one of the most beautiful places on the planet is enough for even the toughest of men to go weak at the knees. So on day two of Phuket, we did exactly that. Leaving from Phuket Town at the crack of dawn with Jennifer, our lady boy guide, we set off for Maya Bay.

Famous for it’s role in “The Beach”, Maya Bay is a tourist magnet. Speedboats hurry to the island in their hundreds, manoeuvring into the tightest of parking spots, all to deliver their boat loads of paradise-hungry tourists. The Thai’s know this formation like every westerner knows Gangnam Style. 3 engines rev and some “pushing” man power squeeze the boat tightly into the car park, as if by magic.


When the boats in, one of the boat masters jumps out and drags the anchor onto the beach. Once in prime position, the tourists jump ship in search of their first adventure of the day.

Unfortunately, Maya Bay is just too busy with tourists to experience the full affect of the striking clear waters and beautiful bay. I’m sure everyone on the island managed to photo bomb everyone else’s holiday snaps.

So we hopped back onto the boat, following Jennifer’s humungous breast and expert stick-your-bum out-and-smile pose, to Monkey Beach.

Monkeys on a beach I hear you ask? Yes, hundreds of cheeky monkeys on a beach, waiting for the boatloads of excitable tourists to arrive with their mid morning snacks. We were saved the humiliation of monkeys robbing us for every peanut and bottle of coke we carried and as the tide was in, simply threw the peanuts right into the monkeys greedy hands. Two can play at that game.

Cheeky monkeys.

After the commotion and mid-paradise traffic jams, we arrived at the spectacularly beautiful Koh Phi Phi. Perhaps one of the most photographed places in Thailand, there is nothing not to love about this corner of Thailand that, yep you guessed it, everyone knows about.

Jennifer led us across the beach to a small wooden beach shack for lunch. Up a spiral staircase, past the man selling photographs with his Gibbon, we raced to grab the best spot in the restaurant. I think we chose very well…

No time in the world can be long enough spent in Koh Phi Phi. It’s almost as if its compulsory to hand in all your troubles and worries to the Thai man charging you 100Baht to hop off the boat and experience something that is so close to perfect, that in my head I can still touch it.

It is the most tranquil place I have visited on earth.

There was only one thing left to do, escape the raging sun and dive into the crystal clear waters.

I never expected to be so emotional when we left Phi Phi, but there’s something about the island that takes hold of every piece of your soul.

Our last stop of the day was a little island of sand, poking out of the ocean enough that only a few “relax bar” blasting soft reggae sounds, had inhabited.

A spot of snorkelling and the all important tan topping up time, it was time to head back to Phuket, just in time for sunset.



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3 comments on “the islands

  1. Ibbs on said:

    Wow. Such a beautiful day island hoping, it looks the most enchanting and relaxing place on Earth.
    You’re getting me uber uber excited for my trip!!
    x x

  2. Hannah on said:

    wit woo, check out you in your bikini.
    Apparently you can stay over night in Maya Bay, which is perfect for getting up before all the toursits arrive. When w were on Ilha Grande we had the same problem with tourists, my favourite beach ended up being one I had to hike for 3 hours to get too because it was empty and the sand was golden ( theres a law that stops boats from parking up anywhere near shore!)


    • Becca on said:

      I would have loved to do that, just find somewhere that noone knows and it’s all yours! I’d heard about watching the sunset from Maya Bay too which I think would be beautiful. Just a tad too much with all the tourists! xxx

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