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Story Of Your Home

Last December after nearly 5 years of renting, we finally purchased our first house. A beautiful Victorian styled house built in the 1900’s with a large garden, a garage and still within walking distance of the beach.

Almost a year on, a lot has changed! Firstly the biggest change of all is the surprise arrival of baby Sebastian. At the time we bought the house, I would have been a few months pregnant but had no idea. The dreams of using the spare bedroom as a walk-in-wardrobe/office disappeared overnight and soon plans were made for a nursery. The wooden floors which we had saved up for were also a distant dream as all of our savings went into buggies, nappies and car seats!



We have however managed to make our house a home by adding some personal touches. Soon after we moved in we ordered this grey fabric Chesterfield from Made.com. We loved the modern take on a great British classic. Our world map from IKEA makes the perfect backdrop and is a reflection on just how much we love travelling.

Another addition when we first moved in were these shelves which Scott built around the fireplace. I love how we can display our photos, books and travel memorabilia. The latest addition is the black and white photo at the bottom of the photo which Scott’s parents bought over New Zealand. Its a photo taken in the 1970’s of Scott’s granddad on his tractor in New Zealand. On the side of the truck is his initials which have now been passed down through the generations and is who we named Sebastian after!

The shelves also house our large Aotearoa sign (the Maori name for New Zealand), our gold edition Olympic Games book and of course my favourite picture of Sebastian.


Our kitchen is inspired by my love for the countryside. Lots of contrasting blues make up this country-styled kitchen and the large windows allow the light to flow right through the house.


In our porch is a print from one of my favourite shops in Westbourne, NO82. Its a print of some of our favourite beaches in Dorset and it adds to the beachy theme that I wanted for our entranceway. A large oar acts a coat hook, the vase is from HomeSense and the photo is of course of Seb’s tiny little hand when he was just a few weeks old.


A large silver anchor is a hook for our BBQ sign (a New Zealanders favourite!) and Seb’s BabyBeau changing bag.



In the hallway we have framed prints of the old Railway Posters for the South Coast. These posters would have been displayed around the country advertising the south coast as a holiday destination. We absolutely fell in love with them and are always a talking point when we have visitors.


Our bathroom has been repainted orange. I framed this print from IKEA and I love it’s quirkiness. Orange is one of my favourite colours and I love how bright and airy it makes the whole room feel.



Seb’s nursery is one of my favourite rooms in the house. We wanted to include our love for traveling all the way through our house, and this animal map of the world from Etsy is perfect for Seb’s room.




In our room, I wanted to walk in after a hard day at work and feel like I’ve just stepped into a luxurious hotel room. We bought a huge king sized bed with the most snug of all mattresses, Scott’s painting of the Bournemouth shoreline sits just above our gorgeous dark grey headrest, and there are plenty of pictures of Seb in black frames around the room. We also bought this window seat from Homesense which is perfect for our bay window.

I hope our love for travelling, modern twists on british classics and Scott’s kiwi heritage have come through in the interiors of our home. A big thanks to Hillary’s Blinds for asking me to share our home inspirations with you!


Lucy Tidbury

As a leaving gift from work, the lovely chaps from my office commissioned local artist Lucy Tidbury to paint a mural on the wall in Sebastians nursery. Totally awesome gift I know, and I couldn’t have be more excited for her to get started! Lucy is a local artist who’s work ranges from paintings of rubbish… Lucy Tidbury Rubbish

…to her fabulous cows!


For Lucy’s first visit, we toyed with lots of different ideas and we soon landed the theme of”Down Under”. With Scott’s kiwi background and my favourite animal being a Koala, we chose 4 animals around the theme that Lucy would paint around a large colourful tree in the corner of his nursery.  After a few days, Lucy emailed me across a sketch of the koala, kiwi, pukeko and a kangaroo and we loved it. A few days later Lucy was back to get started.


It wasn’t long before the paintbrushes came out and the walls were transformed!

IMG_1631 IMG_1632 IMG_1633 IMG_1636 IMG_1637

Before I knew it, the animals had come to life too.


Kerry the Koala…


Kevin the Kiwi…


And Pete the Pukeko.

IMG_1634 IMG_2797 IMG_2798

And last but by no way least, Rocky the Kangaroo was born with her little Joey!


Seb is absolutely mesmerised with all the colours and loves laying in his cot starring at the animals.

Lucy is incredibly talented and is also rather lovely too. You can follow her on Facebook, via her blog or if you fancy getting your mits on some of those gorgeous cows, she has a whole website dedicated to them here! If it’s animal paintings you love, she is also in high demand for pet portraits which you can check out here! The gift of a painting is so special and I couldn’t recommend Lucy and her paintbrushes enough!

My Labour Story

I wasn’t sure if I was going to share this story with you, but here we are, the birth of baby Sebastian.


The morning of the 2nd of August, 15 days overdue, I called the hospital at 7am to be told they had no room on the ward to induce me. They’d asked that I call back at 12noon and they would hopefully have a bed for me then. A little disheartened, we decided to crack on with Scott’s birthday celebrations, yep today is Scott’s birthday!

At around 10.30, mum arrived with coffee and cake, and sure enough I’d started having period like pains which grew with intensity as the morning went on, but like mum kept telling me, some women are at this early stage of labour for days, so I didn’t get my hopes up. We called the hospital at 12 and they had a room for me and asked that I come in at 2. By the time we left for the hospital, I’d had a bath, put on a face mask (you really do crazy things in labour!) and packed the last of my hospital bag. We arrived the hospital at 2.30 and my midwife Sonia arrived at 3.30 to examine me. To my relief, I was already 3cm’s dilated, no need for induction and moved into the Lotus room in the Haven Suite of Poole Hospital.






Sonia plugged me into the Tens machine, but we soon realised we were a little too late for that! For the next hour I rode through the contractions using the positions I’d learnt at pregnancy yoga. With my head rested on my crossed arms that rested against the wall, I pictured myself on top of the hill in Branscombe, looking over the Devon coast with my baby in my arms. Breathing through the contractions and visualising one of my favourite places let the pain glide away with each contraction. With each contraction, I would sniff my cotton wool ball that had been soaked in Clary Sage oil (used in labour to strengthen contractions). As things intensified,  I got into the birthing pool. The water gave the best pain releif yet and over the next hour I tried the gas and air to ease the pain (it didn’t, it just made me feel spinny-head drunk!). Soon enough, my contractions were back to back and I got out of the pool for Sonia to examine me. The pain had really cracked up a notch and I was sure this was it.

It wasn’t, I was 4-5cm and the pain was almost unbearable. I was gutted. Next thing I was sat on the toilet screaming for pain relief and crying that I felt that I needed to push. Sonia decided to examine me again and to her complete shock I was fully dilated and she was able to break my waters. It was too late to get back into the pool so I rested on the padded sofa and after 20 minutes of pushing, Sebastian arrived!


I held him against my skin while we waited for the cord to stop pulsing and Scott eventually cut the cord. As I sat back on the sofa, Scott took Seb for some skin-to-skin while I waited for the placenta.



I waited an hour for the placenta, but it was all incredibly peaceful. After I had showered, the midwife came to examine Seb and do all of the after birth checks.



She held Seb’s neck and under his legs and to our surprise, turned him upside down! Apparently this position was his final position in the womb! Incredible!

After all of our checks were completed and I had breastfed (more on that later), it was time to take our little bundle of joy home.

We arrived at the hospital at 2.30pm on Saturday 2nd August, Seb was born at 8.18pm and we were back at home by midnight. My total “established” labour was 5 hours including the hour waiting for the placenta. My midwife Sonia was incredible through the whole experience and didn’t leave my side. My mum supported me through each and every contraction, and Scott was there to hold my hand and give me a cuddle when it all felt too much. Labour is the most painful thing you will ever experience, but you know what, it is amazingly empowering, liberating and you are given the best prize of all at the end.