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Bedroom Inspiration

Bedroom Inspo

Pictures via Pinterest 

It’s approaching our 1st year anniversary in our first home and I can hardly believe it. I had so many plans for this house when we bought it last year but things came to a bit of a halt when we found out about little Sebastian! Instead of our oak floors, we bought a cot, pushchair and decorated a nursery which was once destined to be an office/walk in wardrobe!

Now this house has become our family home, I’ve been rethinking our vision for the decor in many rooms of the house – mainly to make them relatively baby friendly too! I want to add pops of colour to the rooms by painting some of those white walls and I’d like to finish rooms which we started and have not finished.

One of my favourite rooms in the house is our bedroom. We bought the bed of all beds when we first moved in and I’ve recently added a grand set of chest of drawers. The theme has always been very grey, so I’d like to finish the theme by painting the walls and redesign the built in wardrobes. I’d also like to purchase a bamboo effect rug and bring in more of that gorgeous copper accent in some frames and vases.

Do you have any unfinished rooms in your house?

Alpenfraulein, The Pug Mug

I have a little confession to make. I love mugs. I have mugs in a multitude of colours, designs and sizes and they are really starting to take over my kitchen! Good job they get a lot of use these days!

When I was recently contacted by Alpenfraulein, designers of four illustrations which have been cleverly placed on hand crafted bone china mugs, I obviously I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to receive another mug to add to my growing collection (although my kitchen cupboards were telling me otherwise)!


The dog themed mugs were inspired by Nici’s (one half of the design team at Alphenfraulein) French Bulldog who is not only the agency’s mascot, but comes to “work” at the the agency almost every day! I chose the Pug Mug and I absolutely adore the illustration, in fact, I’d go as far as saying it’s my new favourite mug!


I had to get a close up of that golden poop…!


The illustrations are wonderfully unique and would make a perfect Christmas gift for dog lovers out there. The Pug Mug (and his friends the Bulldog, Dachshund and Poodle) are available to purchase on the Alpenfraulein website.

Now I’m off to make a cuppa!

Sebastian, October

Sebastian is now 3 months old! He is hitting some awesome milestones and we are cherishing every second we have with him! Here is a little photo diary from his 3rd month on this world, October!


Lots and lots of smiles!


Super cute in my favourite outfit from M&S!


Loving his monkey to play with in his car seat!


This awesome baby grow from Baby Gap.


Funny Faces.


Cold weather and a new hat from Nanny! (Primark!)


Getting very strong and not loving tummy time too much nowadays!


More smiles.


Loving bath time and looking even cuter after.


Life in a Tiger Bouncer! I bought this for Seb when he was about 10 weeks old and he just loves it!


Play time before bed time.


First swimming lesson! Seb is such a water baby and he absolutely loves swimming! We are using the amazing Veronique at Baby Swim Bournemouth. I’ll hopefully be posting a full review soon!


Winter weather means polar bear jumpers (Primark again)!


Waking up and napping in Mummy’s bed is Seb’s favourite pastime!


Baby’s first halloween!


My lame attempt at carving a pumpkin but Seb didn’t seem too bothered!

October saw some pretty cool advances with Seb’s development. He now reaches for toys, grabs them, tries to eat them (and everything else in sight). He has also started teething! I’m still breastfeeding and he now only wakes a few times in the night for a feed. He smiles all the time and in the last few weeks has started giggling. Seb is such a happy baby and I am totally loving being his Mummy!