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feeling blue

The day I’ve been longing for arrived yesterday. Of course, 1. it was Valentine’s day which just happens to be one of my favourite days; 2. when I left work at 5.36pm the sky was still blue and 3. my gorgeous new bag arrived!

I am completely done with winter. I’m longing for days where the skies are blue and the sun feels warm on your bare legs. Infact I’ve already started buying some summery wardrobe items. Enter summer hangbag number 1….

I found her on eBay of all places. I never used to buy anything from eBay but sellers these days offer great return policies and usually items arrive in a matter of days. This bag reminded me of the Celine Phantom bag that I’m, ok, just a little obsessed with.

“angels start singing”

I’m praying that the weather stays nice in time for my birthday next week.
It never happens that way, but all the signs are there, I even have a blue bag for a little blue sky encouragement. The bag is still available in an array of colours here.

on the run

I finally did it! My collection of Converse’s is growing. Welcome to my wardrobe my lovely white all-stars –

Pinterest is again proving it’s worth and I’ve been browsing some Converse related looks all afternoon.

What do you think of my faves above?

baby its cold outside

Today saw the first glimpse of winter, snowfall. Unfortunately it didn’t touch us here in Bournemouth but many parts of Dorset, Somerset and Devon were blanketed in sheets of snow.

A few things I’m loving at the moment:

1. These gorgeous Regent Hunter wellies and H&M cardigan. I love the combination of colours and textures, making it easy to wrap up warm but still look fall-fashion-ready.

2. 50 shades of fall. Winter isn’t all about black on black. This year brighten up your wardrobe with these stonewash River Island jeans, plum tote from Zara and military style mac from Rare London. And if the sun does come out, always make sure you’ve got some  classic Ray Ban aviators stashed away at the bottom of your bag.

3. Boot and Hats. Hats and Boots. These are my key accessories for fall. Leather ankle boots that can be worn so many ways and a woollen fedora to keep you snug. Perfect.

I hope you’re having a lovely Sunday. I’m babysitting my 18 month old Godson and having a 10 minute break from turning my living room floor into a car racing track!