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the princess and the pinata cake

Do you remember the days when receiving a Barbie for your Birthday was the best thing to ever happen to you? The night before, you couldn’t sleep with excitement. Which Barbie will it be? Will I get Ken? Well my friends, I can confirm this Barbie mania has not changed.

Just look at that face! Chuffed as mustard with the endless number of Barbie’s she’d unwrapped. It was Phoebe’s 5th Birthday on Sunday and after spending 4 hours on Saturday attempting to create this Pinata Cake, what came out of the oven was slighty different than planned. Some would say a failure, others, well a true success!

The idea of the Piñata cake is to stuff it with your favourite sweet treats. Unfortunately, our cakes didn’t rise enough (leaving more filling for the exhausted bakers!) but that didn’t stop us from cramming the cake full of goodies for unsuspecting 5 year olds.

No thanks to Asda’s handywork, we had to make do with the word “Birthday” for candles. Last time I checked the spelling of girl it was still g-i-r-l.

As we prepared the cake, the kids got stuck into their lunches.

A big (and slightly creepy) furry friend came to wish the birthday girl a happy birthday.

The party was held at Lemur Landings in Tower Park, a huge play centre for kids of all ages. While the kids were in one room quietly eating their lunches, the adults found the “shoot out” ring. You collect your soft balls, find a gun and a go crazy, shooting each other while reenacting Ninga-like moves.

Back to the party, the cake was lit and the whole room erupted with song.

Phoebe blew out the candles and we cut the cake.

Et voila!

The children went wild at the suprise of what was within our cake. Me and Rachel shared a moment of pride at our creation and before you know it, it was gone.

Happy Birthday Princess!

my little monkey

Yesterday my godson turned 2. It only feels like yesterday that he was a little baba, so tiny and innocent. Now he’s growing up to be a big boy, starting to talk and even say Becca (pronouced “be-be”). Every time it just melts my heart.

Let me ask you a question Fletch, am I the best god mummy in the world?

create an animated gif

“Hmmm, of course you are!”

I made it over just in time for the cake.

Just look at that face.

Then it was time for playing with new toys before bed. Secretly I couldn’t wait to get this cute double decker bus out of its packaging. One thing’s for sure, he loved it.

Happy Birthday my special monkey. I hope one day you will know how happy you make me.

birthday round two

Birthdays wouldn’t be the same without friends. After our family shindig the evening before, I was ready for lots of drinking and dancing.

I do like to keep my birthdays pretty low key, so organised a little get-together at my place.

It all started off so nicely. Lots of cuddles and catching up on all the latest gossip.

One of my favourite drinks in Malibu and we ensured we stocked up for the evening ahead.

As the boys nattered away with their whiskeys in hand, we took control on the TV and stuck on Beyonce’s world tour.

We got a little carried away on the makeshift dance floor, this picture a particular highlight!

“if you like it then you shoulda put a ring on it”

Then somehow, the onesie’s came out of the closet (literally).

We had a little penguin onesie inspired dance equipped with hideously drunken eyes!

And we danced, sang and giggled the night away.

Friends are like family, I couldn’t have a birthday without them.