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My Little All Black


Yesterday was the first day of the Autumn International’s, as all you rugby fans out there will know, and England faced the mighty All Blacks! We dressed Seb up in this super cute All Blacks Babygrow and matching socks! He managed to watch the first 15 minutes of the game very intently but in true baby fashion, ended up falling asleep!

Sebastian, October

Sebastian is now 3 months old! He is hitting some awesome milestones and we are cherishing every second we have with him! Here is a little photo diary from his 3rd month on this world, October!


Lots and lots of smiles!


Super cute in my favourite outfit from M&S!


Loving his monkey to play with in his car seat!


This awesome baby grow from Baby Gap.


Funny Faces.


Cold weather and a new hat from Nanny! (Primark!)


Getting very strong and not loving tummy time too much nowadays!


More smiles.


Loving bath time and looking even cuter after.


Life in a Tiger Bouncer! I bought this for Seb when he was about 10 weeks old and he just loves it!


Play time before bed time.


First swimming lesson! Seb is such a water baby and he absolutely loves swimming! We are using the amazing Veronique at Baby Swim Bournemouth. I’ll hopefully be posting a full review soon!


Winter weather means polar bear jumpers (Primark again)!


Waking up and napping in Mummy’s bed is Seb’s favourite pastime!


Baby’s first halloween!


My lame attempt at carving a pumpkin but Seb didn’t seem too bothered!

October saw some pretty cool advances with Seb’s development. He now reaches for toys, grabs them, tries to eat them (and everything else in sight). He has also started teething! I’m still breastfeeding and he now only wakes a few times in the night for a feed. He smiles all the time and in the last few weeks has started giggling. Seb is such a happy baby and I am totally loving being his Mummy!

Little Butterfly

Once your little baby has arrived into the world, everyone will tell you what you should and shouldn’t use on your babies skin. As with everything baby related, it really is trial and error to see what you babies skin likes. I have always gone for more gentle products on Sebastians skin and as I declared in my Baby Essential post, I love the Weleda and Burts Bees ranges for their kind and natural ingredients.

Then along came Little Butterfly.


They had very kindly sent me this gorgeous bag with a sneak peek of their new organic product range.


First up is the soft as moonlight Nappy Change Cream. It is a very gentle, oily consistency with a gorgeous natural smell. Made from 18 natural ingredients including mango seed butter, canendula, and shea butter, it is moisturising and very gentle. The packaging is perfect for keeping on the changing table, the lid is textured to feel like wood and the glass bottle is very luxurious in feel. The cream really is wonderful to apply. A thin layer to the nappy covered area creates a protective barrier between the rough nappy and babies sensitive skin.



The next product is the dew drops at dawn body lotion. I have used this a few times specifically on the more fatty areas where Sebs skin can become a little red and sensitive. It is extremely gentle and provides a lovely layer of moisture and lubrication for those fatty little rolls! The lotion is delicate and has a wonderful scent of its once again natural and organic ingredients.



If you are conscious of the products you are using on your babies sensitive skin then Little Butterfly products are for you. Their gorgeous range of products are available to buy on their website here and would make a gorgeous gift for any mummy to be!

Thank you again to Little Butterfly for the wonderful gift for Sebastian.