into the jungle

Deep in the heart of Thailand there’s thick, luscious jungle. The type of jungle from Tarzan where you could fill your day alone spotting hundreds of insects, monkeys, spiders and of course, Elephants.

Another day, another day trip. This time over the Sarasin bridge which connects Phuket to the Thailand mainland. We headed north and further away from the Thailand as we knew it.

Our guide made some stops along the way to educate us about the Thai culture. My favourite was the Cashew Fruit. Yes, who knew? Well maybe it’s commonly known that the Cashew nut grows attached to a fruit but hey, you learn something new everyday!

After our cashew lesson, it was onto the Turtle Sanctury. Of course there were baby turtles…

Big turtles.

and Captain turtles.

It was amazing to see how these wonderful animals are cared for.

Although, I had one problem. I’m not sure on the signage?


At least the number one rule, above everything, is to Dress Politely. So anyone thinking of turning up in a pair of Reebok Classics and a hoodie, you can think again.

Driving further north, now with the aircon almost burning out the engine of our van, we entered the tropical forests and arrived at a local village who earn a living transporting tourists on bamboo rafts down the river.

We were told to watch out for the snakes and colourful frogs and when I tried to explain the rules of what not to say to people who are petrified of snakes, the language barrier on us again. So for the next 45 minutes, I was pointed out every snake that swam beneath us in the shallow waters as well as the ones hanging just above our heads.

Anyway, I survived.

In a half build house, the women had prepared lunch and another round of delicious Tempura prawns were served.

The grande finale of our wonderfully cultural day was Elephant Trekking. This felt like the moment I’d been waiting for my whole life.

Scott got to know the locals, a friendly gibbon, then a little more eduction. Let me introduce you to the Rubber Tree.

In the Khao Sok region, they have one baby elephant who is 3 years old. All the elephants in this area are working elephants and are trained from a young age with aids such as hula hoops and playful dances. Think of it as elephant play school.

Scott volunteered to be kissed by the baby elephant.

I just fed him Banana’s and he was happy enough.

Nothing can prepare you for the exhilaration of riding an elephant. They are so amazingly calm and peaceful. It will be a day, that I will never forget for the rest of my life. I always want to remember the smell of the jungle, the humidity and chokingly hot air and the tranquil and magical jungle.

Thailand, please never change.

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