our american adventure {chapter 1}

After months of planning {planning dinners, planning drinks, planning walks – you get the picture}, we had arrived in San Francisco. One of the best memories of my trip in hindsight, was the first time I saw the Golden Gate bridge. As the plane circled San Francisco, the silenced gasps on the plane was such a touching moment I will never forget. It certainly is the heart of the city.

Having arrived at our gorgeously boutique’y hotel, we ventured out into Union Square and headed for the Ferry Building. There is a real buzz around the city, and it was my first taste of American life. The anticipation of what was to come was very overwhelming. I couldnt wait to see Alcatraz, I couldn’t wait to touch the bridge and I couldn’t wait to eat my first Taco. I had never been so grateful to have jet-lag.

Next we headed to Lombard Street and I couldn’t have chosen anything more apt to do first in the city. The views are incredible and I had the same “butterfly” feeling when I first saw Alcatraz. Everything was even more incredible that I had imagined.

Coit Tower was another incredible highlight. From getting the rickety old lift to the top to the sensational views, I loved every minute of being up there. The open air makes you feel like you are on top of the city, and to some degree you are.

Alcatraz is sensational. The audio tour is wonderfully created and at some points you feel you need to pinch yourself, to snap back out of the 60’s. The one thing that surprised me about Alcatraz is that it inst as emotional as I expected. I half expected to be blubbering the whole way round, but I was instead in awe of their inmates determination.

This is my favourite picture of our time in San Francisco. It sums up everything our trip was about; great weather; wonderful sights and lots of walking!

Cycling the Golden Gate Bridge is an experience I will never forget. At times I felt like my life was flashing before my eyes. It made me realise the world is so much bigger than you will ever imagine. So thank you America for giving us San Francisco. Next stop…Pacific Highway One!

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